Residence Programs

Description of Services and Fees

International students can apply for our Residence Program. Experienced teachers will act as Surrogate Guardians for groups of students. They are responsible for students’ life, health and meal services. Guardians take care of student’s daily lives and help them adapt to their new lives in Canada. They will provide advice and guidance for their physical and mental wellbeing.

 Guardian Service: $5,000.00 CAD/semester

Merit Education provides integrated care and services for international students from all over the world. International students are well supported by our staff upon their arrival, and during the whole period of their stay. Merit Education offers ideal accommodation, at an affordable price, to our students. Given such a friendly and caring environment, students are provided with an excellent learning environment and quality living conditions allowing them to focus on their studies and participate in extra-curricular activities. Our students learn to be independent and understand and accept each other while living with their peers from all over the world.

 Residence and Meals: $16,000.00 CAD/10 months

High quality cuisine is the essence of our daily menu which has been specially customized to provide students with an impressive variety of delicious food. Students living in the residence receive well balanced nutritious meals three times a day, year around.

• Each suite is shared by 4 to 6 students and it includes a living area, dining area, a kitchen and several bathrooms.
• Residence is open 365 days a year; no need to move out of Residence during public or school holidays.
• Regular inspection by our Residence Supervisors.
• Fully furnished, comfortable, complete with brand new bedding, closet, desk, bookshelf, table lamp, air-conditioner, telephone, TV cable and wireless internet.
• In-suite laundry (washing machines and dryers).
• Nightly curfew and room check enforced by Residence Supervisors.
• Holiday activities and festive celebrations.

 Health Insurance: $500.00 CAD/semester