Mission & Vision

Merit College is a tight-knit community, where students are given the opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them, develop their talent and skills, and become responsible global citizens and future leaders.

We provide students a holistic education environment, where they acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become tomorrow’s leaders. We recognize the uniqueness of individuals and dedicate ourselves to nurturing their intellectual and human potential. We educate students who are primarily Chinese Canadian, but our doors are open to all talented students regardless of their race, colour, or origin. We aim to educate the whole person in conjunction with students’ families and the larger community. The support Merit College provides to students is a foundation upon which respect and dignity are built. We expect that the scholarship and social environment we foster will lead the students to expand knowledge, to promote understanding, and to better serve society in the future.
In order to reach these goals, all members of the Merit community are expected to accept and abide by a Code of Behaviour.