Application for International Students

Application Process for International Students:

Step 1:
Begin the process by visiting the campus to arrange an in-person interview or contact Merit Education by phone or email. An individualized plan can be made to meet your specific needs.
If the student resides in Canada, our consultant / teacher will assist you in detailing a plan for the student.
If the student does not reside in Canada and cannot attend an initial in-person meeting, a plan may also be arranged via email or by telephone.

Step 2:
Complete the Merit Education International Student Program Form, recommendation letter and provide student transcripts of study completed for the last two years.
The Application Fee is $300 CDN payable with the application (non-refundable).

Payments may be made by:
Cash (pay location of 3601 Highway 7 East, Suite #808, Markham, ON L3R 0M3,
money order (Pay to Merit Education INC, HSBC Campus, 3601 Highway 7 East, Suite #808, Markham, ON L3R 0M3), or by Bank transfer

Step 3:

Merit Education will check the Application Form information, transcripts, and the IELTS score and/or will assess the English language skill of the applicant. Once the application fee is received, the school will send a conditional Offer of Acceptance to the student. On receipt of the offer, pay the tuition fee, boarding fee, guidance fee (if the student is under 18) and the insurance fee. To further view the fee structure regarding tuition, see Tuition Fees.

When all payments are complete, the student will receive a formal letter and receipt to apply for a visa. Once the student receives the visa, an airline ticket may be purchased On arrival in Canada, the student will present his passport, the Merit Education Acceptance Letter, and his valid entry visa to attain his Study Permit at the customs department. The school will arrange staff to meet the student at the airport and inform parents that he has arrived in Canada. The school will aid students in purchasing International Student insurance.

It typically takes three months to complete this process; therefore, early applications are encouraged.