The Merit Advantage

Why Choose Merit?
Merit College offers a transformational, academic and life-long journey for our students. They choose us because we serve the following roles:

Bridge to Canada
Our experience in working with new immigrant and international students integrate into Canada and Canadian schools is unparalleled. We understand how important getting a quality education is for the students and their families and work with them to overcome their struggles, including language barriers, cultural barriers and other obstacles. We provide this assistance through educational counselling, public seminars and mentoring programs.

Bridge to Future Success
We’ve successfully assisted all of our students get into prestigious post-secondary programs in Canada and the U.S. by helping them obtain good academic grades, supporting them with individualized tutoring and coaching services, and connecting them to role models. Recognizing that that academic excellence is only a part of the equation to success, a majority of our efforts have been placed on developing the leadership and communication skills that are essential in the future.

Bridge to Fostering More Bridge Builders
Merit gives students access to a platform to develop their potential, build their character, and foster their commitment to service that will eventually allow them to grow into bridge builders and global citizens. In fact, Merit is no longer just a university-preparatory school where students go to study, but it has become a second home to many students who spend a lot of time doing extra-curricular activities, connecting with friends, and getting advice from teachers and counsellors. Our staff members truly care about the overall wellbeing of the students.

The Merit Advantage:

•  Individualized Education Planning and Programming is tailored to meet each student’s needs.

•  One-on-One Tutoring and Small Class Sizes provide maximum individualized attention and interaction conducive for learning.

•  Outstanding Teachers with extensive experience help students reach their highest level of achievement.

•  Professional Education Consultants provide continuous support until students gain admission into post secondary education.

•  Proactive Parent Communication allows parents to better understand students’ progress at school and become educational partners at home.

•  Personal Development and Holistic Education allows our students to excel beyond academics and become future leaders.

•  Excellent Cross-Cultural Understanding helps newcomer students smoothly transition into Canadian culture.